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Posted by doukkun - January 18th, 2020

As the title, my computer DIED after a lightning storm. I didn't make any backups of my work on an external hard drive so everything is GONE. Lol damn. It'll be three weeks until I can get a new pc. Until then I guess I'll use my phone.


Posted by doukkun - May 3rd, 2019

Hello guys/gals, it's been a while but I have not forgotten you. I have been working on a big project and will share some info on it in the coming weeks when it's good enough to share.


Posted by doukkun - April 1st, 2019

Like i said in the Subject, I've been blocked from all contents on this site(but the weird thing is that i can still post stuff). There's this thing about cookies that I'm suspicious about(maybe its a virus or something). So I'm going to lay low for a while. Also let me know if there is any other NSFW available sites or instances for creators that I can check out. That said I leave you all.. It was good while it lasted.



Posted by doukkun - March 21st, 2019

So...if you're reading this...you won't be surprised by the next few pieces of work that I will upload. That said, I will venture into new territory and I'm taking you guys/gals along with me. Though this new territory will be cliches that we all have seen in the past, I will put my own little twist in them. Woohoo!


Posted by doukkun - February 14th, 2019

Commissions are Closed. Anything you read after this will be there only for your information.

Okay lets keep it simple. First come first serve. PM me to get started.

-Please choose from the wide range of anime girls/boys/women/guys/animals/monsters/aliens/demons/angels from the internet(more info on rules and such below)


-A detailed reference of desired character.

-A detailed description of what kind of face you want me to put on the characters (Examples: Egao, Ahegao, Gesugao, Torogao or Kusogao)

-A detailed description of pose or scene, include a reference image to help me fantasize (if there isn't an image available you can do a quick doodle)

-No OC form any other artist to avoid being flagged/banned/exiled/murdered. (Unless the OC is yours or is from an anime/manga series that has been serialized)

-Not doing any manga panels or stories at the moment

-Your copy of the work will be sent through email

-I will not post your commissioned art here

-After payment, the piece is yours. You can do whatever you wish with it.

-Open to any kind of Hentai.

Prices: Base is $30

+$10 for each added character(OC or another character from the same or different animeverse)

Note- Random guys/gals do not count as an added characters. If you want examples, check out some of my works because most have random guys. Some of my other works are added characters.

-Paypal is preferred.

-CashApp is an alternative.


Posted by doukkun - February 12th, 2019

Valentine is coming! That's a cause for a chocolate piece! BRB fellas!